How Much Do Hot Tub Chemicals Cost?

Chemicals are needed to keep the hot tub's water clean, hygienic and sparkling during use. However, there are chemicals that can irritate the skin or cause a number of allergies to the skin. This is why there are natural chemicals that are ideal for those with sensitive skin, with allergies or generally for those who wish to use milder chemicals in the water. Here are the different types of hot tub chemicals and their estimated costs.

Spa Care Kits ($45-$98)

This kit is ideal for new owners of hot tubs or spas because it contains a line of products needed to have quality water but only for an affordable price.

Test Strips ($6.98- $11.98)

The test strips tell you the chlorine and bromine content in the contained in water in your hot tub. They test the pH balance, alkalinity and also the level of calcium of the spa. The test strips will help you determine how much chemicals you need to use or add to the water.

Sanitizers ($2.98-$33.98)

The sanitizers get rid of the bacteria and dirt that can otherwise contaminate your water in the hot tub.

Mps/ Shock ($14.78-$74.98)

This chemical is an oxidizer that flushes out organic matter like skin, oil, lotion, etc from the water. The hot tub water needs this chemical weekly to avoid clogging and clouding of the water.

Clarifiers ($7.98-$15.98)

Clarifiers get rid of metal particles or clump particles that cloud the water. It ensures that the water in the hot tub remains clear and clean.

Balancers ($5.98-$20.98)

Balancers keep the pH levels, alkalinity and calcium levels balanced.

Cleaners ($7.98-$19.98)

Cleaners keep the water safe and clean for users of the spa.

Natural Spa Care ($8.98-$74.98)

These are a line of chemicals perfect for those with sensitive skin, chlorine allergies, etc.

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