Hot Tub Prices - Some of the Most Popular Spas for Above $1,000 You Can Get Online

This article will give you lots of hot tub prices and models for people with budget above and below $1,000. There are many hot tubs in the market that of high quality and yet affordable while there are also premium spas available which have prices of over a thousand dollars.

Let's take a look at some of the tubs that you can get from reputable online dealers that are over $1,000.

Hot Tub Prices for Above $1,000

  • Amazon sells Rock Solid Luna Spa from Lifesmart for $2,799.99, free shipping. It can seat four people and comes with 12 high therapy jets. It can be plugged in a standard 110 volts power outlet and uses ECO Smart Technology which allows for high efficiency management of energy to deliver better performance than the other tubs available in the market today.

    It has a deep bucket seat with foot well jets, waterfall, and rotating back jets. It has a comfort valve that allows for air mixing for that perfect massage a person is longing for. The Luna Series comes with a five year warranty on the tub, 90 days labor warranty, and one year warranty on pumps and electric parts.

  • The most expensive hot tub at Wal-mart's online store is the 5-person 106-Jet Hot Tub from Home & Garden Spas. It is equipped with 106 stainless jets for the foot, calf, shoulder, and neck. It comes with a MP3 auxiliary output with sub-woofer and 2 speakers. The system controls at the topside are user-friendly and it includes 9-color LED lighting. It's insulated with high density foam and is installed with an ozone system.

  • The InstaSpa Deluxe is a portable one-person hot tub which is also sold at the online store of Wal-mart. It has a heater capable of heating water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It has eight powerful massaging jets that are fully-adjustable. It uses the standard 110 volts power outlet and comes with a child-safe cover that is lockable and can hold over four feet of snow. It sells for $1,234.99, with free shipping.

  • The Spa Depot website also sells spas and tubs with hot tub prices of over $1,000. The Dreammaker EZ Spa Hot Tub sells for $2,899 and can seat four people. It has a capacity of 170 gallons of water and includes 11 hydrotherapy jets with waterfall that has color-shifting lighting.

    It has full foam insulation and the tub is made from unicast polymer. It includes an insulated hard cover that is lockable. The digital electronic control is located on the topside and has beverage holders. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the tub and one year equipment on parts.

Expensive Hot Tub

  • The Belize Trinity Hot Tub Spa is also sold at The Spa Depot website for $3,199. It is a lounge type hot tub which can accommodate three people. It has a capacity of 250 gallons of water and 18 hydrotherapy jet nozzles. It equipped with spa lights and beverage holders.

    The tub is made from acrylic with fiberglass shell reinforcement. It comes with a standard insulated hard cover and digital electronic controls. It comes with a five year warranty on the shell, three year warranty on the shell surface and plumbing, and one year warranty on controls and equipment.

The internet is a rich source of information for high quality spas and hot tubs with hot tub prices varying from cheap to expensive. It is highly advisable before purchasing a hot tub to search the internet and compare pricing and features.

Hot Tub Prices for Below $1,000

Most people take into consideration the hot tub prices when they buy a hot tub. Budget is their primary concern as most of them do not really want to break the bank when they purchase a hot tub. There are a lot of hot tub brands and models that are below $1,000 and yet of high quality so these people can enjoy the hot tub for a long time.

  • Amazon is a great website to search for less expensive hot tubs. The Spa2Go round portable hot tub is currently on sale at Amazon and it costs $584.54 with free shipping. A product of Comfort Line Products, Spa2Go is the most portable and most affordable spa available in the market today.
  • It is inflatable and comes with air tube and power pack. It can be plugged to a regular 110 volt power outlet. The water in the tub can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This easy to set up tub can hold up to 250 gallons of water and can fit up to four adults.

Spa2Go Spa

  • The Swim Time NP5868 Tsunami Inflatable Spa is a bargain. Also available for purchase at Amazon, this hot tub is one of those spas with hot tub prices below $1,000. Its price is $562.49, shipping included.

    It has a capacity of 211 gallons and can seat four adults. Water can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and can be plugged to a standard 110 volts outlet. It is easy to setup and comes with a 130-air-jets massaging bubble system.

  • Another hot tub available at Amazon is the Bubble Spa B-130 Camaro Spa. It is available for $684.67 with free shipping. This high quality tub is packed with 128 air jets and can accommodate up to four adults. The water can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and uses the regular 110 volts power outlet. Water capacity is at 211 gallons and comes with a one year warranty on the electric parts and half year warranty on the tub.
  • At Wal-mart's online store, Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa sells for $874.00. This 5-seater hot tub is easy to set up and can hold up to 280 gallons of water. It also comes with a one horsepower Turbo Wave Massage System. The heater is thermostat-controlled and comes with filter. It also comes with a manufacturer's one year limited warranty.
  • Also at Wal-mart, the cost of Serenity Inflatable Spa from Blue Wave Products is $574.99, with free shipping. It can accommodate up to four adults and comes with 130 air jets massaging bubble system. It can be plugged to a 110 volts power outlet and has a capacity of 211 gallons. The thermostat-controlled water heater can heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This cheap hot tub is of durable vinyl and comes with a filtration pump.
There are other spas and hot tubs information in the internet with affordable hot tub prices of below $1,000 which a customer can search for before actually buying a hot tub.

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