The Most Ideal Spa and Hot Tub Temperatures for Kids

Hot tubs are not just for adults but also for children. However, children require a certain level of temperature to get into the hot tub. Compared to adults, children do not dissipate heat as fast. When you visit resorts or day spas with hot tubs, you need to take necessary precautions to keep your child safe. There has not been any policy or strict set of guidelines from the American Association of

Pediatrics when it comes to using the hot tub or spa by children. However, here are some things to take note of for the children's safety:

  • Newborn babies, infants and toddlers should not be allowed to use the hot tub or spa because they have high risk of dehydration and overheating.
  • Children past the toddler stage can sue the hot tub but only for short lengths of time. The temperature has to be checked if it is too warm. The skin of children is highly sensitive.
  • Regular hot tubs have 104 degrees temperature but it is safer to set the temperature at 102 degrees when children are involved.
  • Children who will use the hot tub should not stay more than 20 minutes. They can soak from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes maximum. The amount of time in the hot tub will depend on the child's age and the water's temperature.
  • If children will be using hot tubs, they need to have adult supervision to reduce risks of accidents.
  • The most common risk involved with hot tubs is drowning. To avoid such incidents, keep the hot tubs covered and locked to keep children away from using it unsupervised.
  • If children are using the hot tubs, they should not be allowed to play near the drain nor should they go underwater to avoid hair entanglement with the drain.

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